Monday, 14 March 2011

Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver with Voltage Regulator and RAMPS electronics

There is a shortage of Pololu A4983 and I got some Pololu A4983 with voltage Reg.
So I figured out how to mount them onto RAMPS electronic.
I installed two of these motor drivers, for Z axis and extruder.  And they are perform great!
If you want to use all 4 of them with voltage reg, than you need to use more stackable pins on two of them to able to fit them in. (you can get creative ;) )
  1. It has extra two gnd, 5v, vdd, 3v3 and ref connection points
  2. It is longer
  3. It is wider

 So what we need to do in order to use it with RAMPS is add ground from the two extra GND.

Solder across the 5v bridge.

I used 3 stackable sockets to lift it up high enough to fit it.
Because this breakout board is wider then the one without the regulators. Please notice I installed the legs in an angel to fit.

Please don't forget to use heatsink! Without heatsink it could burn out as easy as the non voltage regulated one. See my earlier post!

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